Historical Events
Adult Cantonese Classes 2008 Print

Another round of adult Cantonese classes is being organised for beginners with little or no knowledge of speaking Cantonese. The Cantonese dialect is spoken mainly in southern China in provinces like Guangdong and Guangxi, Hong Kong, Malaysia and in overseas countries where people from southern China have migrated.

These classes are of a hands on approach where you learn to speak in everyday activities like shopping, making travel arrangements, asking for directions etc. to make you more confident when you speak to a native speaker.

The classes are held in a central Wellington location under experienced tutors.

Registration of interest  is being taken now by emailing to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or phoning him at 027 4875314 giving your name, address and contact number.

The classes are scheduled to begin on 9th September 2008 for a period of 12 weeks on a Tuesday night beginning at 7pm and ending at 9pm.

These classes will certainly help you if you are thinking of taking the China Trip 2009 with the Association. (see China Trip 2009 ).

For further information contact Gordon Wu.

Oral History Project 2003 - 2004 Print
In 2003, the association, spurred on by the upsurge in interest in the history of Chinese in New Zealand, applied to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage for a grant to conduct an oral history project.

This was successful and the following write up based on the interviewee's comments and interviewer's summation, raises a number of interesting issues. The audio tapes of the interviews and abstracts have all been lodged with the Alexander Turnbull Library.

(See attached file: Victims.pdf )
Unfolding Chinese New Zealand: Emerging Voices - July 2004 Print

In July 2004 the Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies and the Alexander Turnbull Library jointly ran a two day seminar focussed on the history of the New Zealand Chinese. The Tung Jung Association, along with other Chinese community groups was invited to make a presentation. To see our presentation view the documents below.

Pamphlet Cover for Stout Conference
Tung Jung Presentation (to rotate the document select View and Rotate clockwise from the tool bar)
Chinese New Year Feb. 2008 Print
Celebrating the 80th anniversary - August 2006 Print

The 80th anniversary of the Association was celebrated with a buffet dinner and dance function on Saturday 5 August 2006 at the Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre in Wellington (NZ) starting at 6.00pm.

The book, Zengcheng New Zealanders, a History for the 80th Anniversary of the Tung Jung Association of New Zealand Inc. was also launched at the function. Many people have contributed to this book. It has chapters about the migration of Chinese from Zengcheng to New Zealand, the history of the Tung Jung Association since its beginning in 1926, stories about the villages in China and the families of the people who came to New Zealand all those years ago, and a specific chapter about Zengcheng women. The book illustrates the colourful and often painful journey experienced by the early Chinese highlighting their success in becoming established and respected in the New Zealand society. This book is of interest to families and researchers alike.

If you would like a copy of "Zengcheng New Zealander - A History for the 80th Anniversary of the Tung Jung Association" Please contact Gordon Wu at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it